Clothing Hire

Clothing Hire

biz the app

biz the app

biz the app

biz the app

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Find The Perfect Fit
Find The Perfect Fit
Find The Perfect Fit
Find The Perfect Fit
Find The Perfect Fit
Find The Perfect Fit
Find The Perfect Fit
Find The Perfect Fit

Turn your wardrobe into a biz

A dedicated platform to simply, safely & securely borrow and lend clothing. We offer the most seamless peer-to-peer hiring experience in Australia.
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Unlimited Choices

Select from hundreds of items to suit any occasion. Using our platform is an affordable and sustainable way to enjoy the latest trends.
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Crystal Clear

Clarity is key in creating a stress free rental process. So we provide easy to use features to stay on top of  delivery, return dates & customer feedback.

Save Money,
Make Money

Tracking borrows & lent items
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Track rental history, Easily List Items & Enjoy a swift checkout

Security Comes First

Our team ensures the safe return of your clothes via our thorough terms and protecting your payment details through secure gateways.
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Frequently Asked

What is biz?

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Welcome to biz!

Australia's peer-to-peer marketplace app dedicated to offering the most simple and secure rental process.

biz was born out of a desire to make joining the circular fashion economy and renting clothing as safe and accessible as possible.

How does it work?

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It only takes a few minutes to set up your lender profile! Then you're ready to list and rent.

1. List your item - Select the category, upload photos for your listing - can easily showcase your Instagram photos
2. Choose a price you are comfortable with renting out your item - we recommend 20-30% of RRP
3. Receive bookings
4. Post the item
5. Get paid & review your borrower
6. Rent it out again!

1. Browse all the listings on the app and find your dream outfit
2. Receive your item and enjoy your new look!
3. Return your item
4. Rate and review your lender
5. Rent a new outfit!

How much does it cost?

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It is free to post rental listings so list any items you are willing to rent! We charge a 10% service fee, this is charged to the lender only and is deducted from the rental listing price after a successful rental transaction has occurred.

How do I make changes to a booking?

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If you need to make any changes or cancel a booking. Please contact us at or direct message on Instagram @biztheapp
Please note our cancellation policy as you may be subject to cancellation fees.

What are the rental conditions e.g. damages, refunds, cancellations, cleaning etc?

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Our mission is to make turning your wardrobe into a biz as easy as possible. In order to do so we have created a general rental agreement that all users are bound to when making a booking. This includes a requirement of government issued identification to be provided. Please visit for the full rental agreement.

Can I contact the lender/borrower through the app?

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Please contact us on Instagram @biztheapp or via our email and we will contact the lender/borrower on your behalf for security purposes.

Tell me more about the contactless experience

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To support our contactless experience, we have eliminated the need for pick-ups, try-ons or bonds. We have implemented a secure rental agreement for all users to adhere to. So as a borrower all you have to do is Rent, Wear and Return. As a lender all you have to do is Post, Clean and Repeat!

I have some feedback/features I would like to see in the app

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We would love to hear from you!
Please contact support@biztheapp or via Instagram @biztheapp